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500w-3000w Chinese 3D Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Sheet Metal

Model: PE-F2030


The robotic arm metal fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced laser cutting device specifically developed for multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal sheets of different thickness.

It adopts special fiber laser cutting head, high-precision auto tracking system, world famous fiber laser source and industrial robot control system.

The metal fiber laser cutting machine utilizes the flexible and fast action performance of industrial robots according to the size of the work-piece cut by the user; the 3d metal sheet is cut in multiple directions by pressing or flipping the robot.

Product Features

1. Equipped with imported intelligent 6-axis robot, metal fiber laser cutting machine can realize 3d cutting with convenient control and high intelligence which ensures high reliability of equipment.

2. The Chinese fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a 3D special laser cutting head, which is sensitive and accurate, and cooperates with the robotic arm to avoid collision between the laser cutting head and the processing plate.

3. The laser cutting head can withstand 1.0Mpa of gas pressure; the high-pressure gas circuit equipment of the metal fiber laser cutting machine improves the cutting ability of difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel.

4. Fast speed, high precision laser beam quality, unmatched advantages. The Chinese fiber laser cutting machine can ensure the cutting focus position and ensure the stable cutting quality.

5. The 3D metal fiber laser cutting machine fully demonstrates the characteristics of flexible transmission of fiber laser cable, and combines with robots to perform specific 3D cutting on your products.

6. The combination of a 6-axis robot and a fiber laser source can save cost for shearing and stamping die, and the metal fiber laser cutting machine can be edited while cutting which saves a lot time and energy.

7. The Chinese fiber laser cutting machine control and system computer operating systems can ensure the best cutting quality and makes the cutting work more convenient, and the operation of the metal fiber laser cutting machine is very simple.

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Applicable materials: The metal fiber laser cutting machine is widely suitable for fast 3D cutting of special-shaped metal sheets of different thicknesses and materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, titanium alloy, copper, brass, aluminum alloy, etc.

Applicable industries: The Chinese fiber laser cutting machine is widely applied in various manufacturing industries, such as: automobile manufacturing, chassis cutting, car frame cutting, kitchen ware cutting, mold manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware decoration, metal external processing services.

Technical Data

Product Name

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine



Laser Source

World Famous Brand Fiber Laser Source

(Raycus / Max / IPG)

Laser Power

500w / 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w

Minimum Line Width


Cutting Thickness

500w: 4-6mm Carbon Steel

1000w: 7-10mm Carbon Steel

1500w: 10-15mm Carbon Steel

2000w: 15-20mm Carbon Steel

3000w: 18-22mm Carbon Steel

(According to Different Laser Power and Materials)

Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


Work arm display


Processing width


Power configuration

AC 380V±10%50Hz

Cooling method

Water cooling

Protection level



2 Years Guarantee for Fiber Laser Source

12 Month Guarantee for Chinese Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


VCD Training Video for Easy Learning

Engineer Overseas Installation & Training is Available




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