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Information About The Beam Movement Of The Metal Laser Cutting machine

The beam motion of the metal laser cutting machines contain a lot of information, including positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, processing speed, etc. Today, Perfect Laser will make an analysis for everyone from the overall basis, so that customers can better understand these terms and their meanings.

The metal laser cutting machines move relatively linearly with the beam and the material, so that the holes are successively connected to form a slit having a narrow width. The trimming is minimally affected by heat and there is no deformation of the workpiece at all.

When steel is cut, oxygen is used as an auxiliary vapor to generate an exothermic chemical reaction oxidizing material with the molten metal, which together assists in blowing away the slag in the slit.

The auxiliary vapor entering the nozzle also cools the focusing lens to prevent dust from entering the lens holder and contaminating the lens and causing the lens to overheat positioning accuracy. As a special processing machine, the metal laser cutting machines have similarities with traditional cold working machines. The overall structure of the drive pair is basically the same, but in general, laser cutting is not used as a fine processing, so the precision is slightly lower compared with the fine processing equipment.

The positioning accuracy of the machine tool can also represent the products of various manufacturers from the side, and the accuracy level of the transmission design of the equipment.

There will be no significant impact when participating in the sheet metal processing profession. However, the positioning accuracy is very important when cutting a slit of a few micrometers accurately.

Transmission rigidity, in the process of high-speed transmission of metal laser cutting machines, the internal stress of the transmission chain will also be shaken violently. If transmission rigidity is lacked, very simple, the orbit that brings about final output is distorted, corresponding and dull, Make the dynamic motion accuracy far from the low speed or static measurement value, which affects the scale accuracy and roughness of the workpiece.

Relocation accuracy, The repositioning accuracy that metal laser cutting machines can reach depends largely on the backlash of the drive chain. Similar to traditional cold working, The reverse gap of the metal laser cutting machines also have a certain influence on the roughness of the section.

Positioning speed, as a technical parameter with the most obvious visual effect, it is a key target that various manufacturers pay more attention to, and often used as a primary basis for distinguishing mechanical performance and level.

The high positioning speed has a significant effect on the processing power of the progressive sheet, but for the medium plate, because of the constraint of the cutting speed, the effect of shortening the overall processing time is not great.

Driving force Because laser processing has a high degree of flexibility, high-speed cutting of messy parts has become the primary method for each manufacturer to exhibit mechanical properties.

Metal laser cutting machines high-speed cutting demand motor has high output torque, The transmission chain requires high power and fast response to ensure accurate orbital alignment, therefore, acceleration is as important as positioning speed.

And together to ensure high speed and high acceleration, there is bound to be opposite. It requires metal laser cutting machines manufacturers to carefully measure the relationship between the two, through repeated tests and accounting to find the best match value.

If the factory staff can take a look at this article, there is no doubt that these parameters of the metal laser cutting machines can have a deeper understanding. It is believed that it is beneficial to operate the machine, select the machine, or improve the life and efficiency of the machine.



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