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Low Cost Laser Cutting Machine Can Create a Variety Of Metals

With the popularity of Transformers, more and more fans dream of moving the Transformers in the movie to real life, and Zhengzhou dragged the workers to use the waste warehouse to create a domineering "God of War." Although the raw materials are simple, the results are so fine that even the fingers are bent.

The workers’ creativity “saves” the parts that have been eliminated from the low cost laser cutting machine, such as the power gear of the tractor as a “joint”, a piece of steel that becomes a “finger”, and the dashboard becomes a “chest-enhanced armor”. The fine parts give the soul of the real Transformers.

In the field of metal processing, more sophisticated, more efficient, and smoother has become the pursuit of many processors, and this is inseparable from technological advancement. Many metal materials processing requires advanced laser equipment and laser cutting machines to make metal materials processing as desired. The ever-changing is the metal parts, and the constant is the low cost laser cutting machine.

China's domestic laser cutting equipment is developing rapidly. Laser cutting technology is in sync with social development, and it is constantly updated and improved. The equipment processing effect is more precise, more materials can be processed, and the applicable fields are wider, improving the performance of all aspects. The equipment industry has entered a period of rapid development.

The main advantage of low cost laser cutting machine is its high efficiency. It is suitable for high-precision cutting processing such as metal sheet, and is widely used in engineering machinery manufacturing. The cutting can be done at a high speed of 80 m/min. Although the set cutting advantage is one, the cost is still low and the stability is good.

As a well-known domestic laser cutting machine enterprise, the low cost laser cutting machine developed and produced by Perfect Laser adopts the imported laser. The structure of the gantry double-drive structure with stable structure and rigidity can achieve ultra-high speed. With the new generation of machine tools, it can efficiently process dynamically. Perforation anti-collision.



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