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How Should We Make Choices For Laser Profile Cutting Machine In Oxygen, Air And Nitrogen

In the cutting process of the laser profile cutting machine, the auxiliary gas used can prevent the lens pollution, the combustion-supporting cutting, preventing the oxidation of the cutting surface, and the slag blowing. Many manufacturers using fiber-optic laser profile cutting machines are puzzled that how should they choose gas as an auxiliary gas during the purchase process? That can use the air in daily life to act as an auxiliary gas?

When cutting a thin metal plate with a laser profile cutting machine, three types of auxiliary gases of oxygen, air and nitrogen are the best choice. why? First of all, in terms of their characteristics, oxygen has oxidizing properties, which can cool and accelerate combustion during cutting to accelerate cutting. Usually, oxygen is used to cut carbon steel sheets; nitrogen itself is an inert gas that can protect materials and thus utilize Nitrogen-cutting colored plates such as stainless steel or aluminum plates not only provide cooling but also protect materials, and air cutting is mainly used to save costs. For example, in the process of cutting stainless steel within 1.5mm, air is often used. The burrs generated on the reverse side can be polished by a metal laser processing machine after being cut by a laser profile cutting machine.

With the above knowledge in mind, I believe the readers have learned a lot. However, there is also a problem that has plagued many customers who use laser profile cutting machines to process metal, which is the trouble of frequent gas replacement during processing. Wuhan Perfect Laser designed a three-gas source dual pressure gas path specifically for this problem of laser profile cutting machine, the so-called three-source dual pressure, that is, the use of air, nitrogen, oxygen for low-pressure perforation, high-pressure cutting, all ventilation work is through software numerical control, eliminating the cumbersome manual process.



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