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Industrial Laser Cutting Machine Is The Darling of Metal Processing

Industrial laser cutting machine is the "darling" of metal processing in the new era and is the product of modern science and technology. With the maturity and development of laser research and development, the use of laser cutting machines to process metal materials has become a production tool that is “usually used” in various industries. Especially in the metal processing market, fiber laser cutting machines are leading the way, playing a pivotal role.

The Perfect Laser industrial laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam to collect on the metal surface, so that the metal is irradiated and vaporized by the ultra-fine focus spot, and the automatic cutting is realized by the numerical control mechanical system moving the spot irradiation position.

It has the following four characteristics:

◆Save materials - "No contact" processing and automatic typesetting function, no mechanical pressure, can reduce material waste;

◆Simplified procedure - high processing precision, no need to open the mold for one molding, smooth cut, eliminating the need to modify the edge process;

◆Reducing labor - industrial laser cutting machine is easy to operate, software drawing, machine processing, without a lot of labor;

◆Protect the environment - non-toxic and harmless gas is generated during laser processing to protect the working environment and staff.

Perfect Laser industrial laser cutting machine is widely used in various industries.

Advertising industry: metal characters, signs, advertising light boxes, metal plates

Kitchenware industry: storage utensils, washing utensils, conditioning utensils, cooking utensils, eating utensils

Hardware cabinet: file cabinet, wardrobe, chassis

Lighting fixtures: lampshades, lamp holders, lighting

Elevator processing: elevator doors, elevator walls, elevator metal fittings

Life is everywhere, as long as you look carefully, you will find that many things in life are closely related to the laser. In this era of innovation and development, lasers are everywhere.

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