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Industrial Laser Cutter For Stainless Steel Production

As we all know, industrial laser cutter is the leader in processing stainless steel materials. Simply put, through the intelligent system, the high-power density laser beam is used to scan the surface of the stainless steel plate, which is heated to several thousand to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time, melted or vaporized, and then melted with high-pressure gas. Or the gasification material is blown away from the slit to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Since the traditional mechanical knife is replaced by the invisible beam, the mechanical part of the laser head has no contact with the working surface, and the working surface is not scratched during work, and the cutting speed is fast, the slit is smooth, and the processing precision is high. The advantages of good repeatability, and the ability to process any plan by numerical control programming, so that it is economical and time-saving without opening the mold.

The industrial laser cutters are currently used in the production of stainless steel handicrafts. The main raw materials are mainly 304 stainless steel plates, which are processed by materials and processed by their own materials. As long as there are product drawings, they can basically be produced. At present, the mainstream of stainless steel crafts produced is small ornaments. It should be noted that stainless steel three-dimensional finished products are assembled with independent 2D parts. It can also accept large-scale stainless steel crafts, stainless steel daily household products and other reservations. Due to the durable characteristics of stainless steel household products, it has a strong advantage over traditional household products, so the development of industrial laser cutter is very large.

This conforms to the trend of fine-tuning in the future stainless steel industry. With the advent of the era of industry segmentation, the extensive profit model has been proved to be highly susceptible to market fluctuations, and often the outside world is slightly swaying, businesses can only Passive response. In this situation, the industrial laser cutter in the industry to do fine and often is also an effective way to protect the development of the enterprise itself, so that people have no one, the industry has a specialization is the solid trust of stainless steel enterprises.



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