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Choose a Industrial CNC Laser Cutting Machine Brand Like This

There are more and more industrial cnc laser cutting machines. There are three mainstream laser cutting machines in the market: C02 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine is the fastest industrial cnc laser cutting machine for cutting thin plates in these three machines. Fiber laser cutting performance cuts stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate within 12MM, and the slit is small, the spot quality is good, and it can be used for fine cutting. Compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine, it has many advantages such as high photoelectric conversion rate and low power consumption.

Although the current industrial cnc laser cutting machine still has low price (mostly over 1.5 million, low power is also 500,000 yuan), and the rate of cutting thick plates is very slow, but now the market is widely trusted to follow 5000W and above. The appearance of lasers, industrial cnc laser cutting machine will eventually replace most of the market of CO2 high-power laser cutting machine, the brand of industrial cnc laser cutting machine is more and more, in recent years, the brand of fiber laser cutting machine equipment has exploded, market competition It tends to become hot, and users can easily see the five colors when they purchase.

In the purchase of industrial cnc laser cutting machine equipment brand necessary comprehensive consideration of cost performance, equipment quality, equipment stability and after-sales service. Because of the low-cost and tight equipment such as laser cutting machines, it is easy to pay great value if you only think that the price is cheap. A cheap price can mean a discount on quality, and it can mean that after-sales costs go on. Therefore, even if you choose the famous industrial cnc laser cutting machine brand, such as after-sales service will be more reserved!

After dealing with the sale of industrial cnc laser cutting machines, the domestic brand has a higher after-sales rate than foreign brands. In terms of quality, after years of development, in the fierce competition and continuous breakthrough, the cost performance of the domestic industrial cnc laser cutting machine brand has been very high.

Other regions are also very nervous. Since some brands only have service outlets in the local area, there are also some brands that set up in the world, so that the quality after sale is easier to obtain.

Although the larger the brand, the larger the customer base, the more it is managed. There are more engineers who will protect and cultivate it, and other third-party companies can take on the after-sales business, and small brands are not able to.



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