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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Creates a Unique Fruit Bowl

In everyone's impression, the stainless steel fruit plate is not a bit of aesthetic design, sluggish and long-lasting, always gives a feeling of antiques. There is no design aesthetic, but most of the stainless steel fruit bowls we have seen do not use the "processing method". This group of fiber laser cutting machine "stainless steel fruit bowls" shared today is not only European minimalist style, high-end atmosphere, but also designed to be closer to people's hearts.

This fruit basket consists of a single stainless steel rectangular module. The metal plates are fiber laser cutting machine and welding machine together to ensure greater durability. Creates magical lighting and shadow effects by piercing the gaps between geometric elements. An angular fruit bowl, which is like a piece of card welded together, is actually the same. In fact, using it as a candlestick should also have a good effect. The cup candle is placed in the center of the fruit bowl, and the surrounding cards will cast a continuous and messy shadow on the wall. The interaction between light and shadow is also very interesting.

The coral fruit disc uses a fiber laser cutting machine to cut the edge of the stainless steel disc into a coral pattern, which can be directly folded into a curved shape without welding. The coral disc after the coloring process is more vivid.

This fruit bowl made of laser hollowing technology seems simple, but very practical, and can also be used as a steamer. After reading these creative metal fruit bowls, are you amazed at its peculiar shape and unique design? And this is a power fiber laser cutting machine from an artifact.

Since the fruit plate is a must-have item at home, the processing accuracy and quality of the fiber laser cutting machine are crucial. The traditional processing method not only scratches the material but also scratches the user due to the unevenness of the edges. However, the fiber laser cutting machine adopts non-contact flexible processing with an accuracy of up to within millimeters, which not only does not crush the material, but also has a smooth and burr-free cut, and the quality of the product after processing is higher. In addition, the hollow shape created by the fiber laser cutting machine not only has aesthetic value, but also has the function of draining, which has both practicality and aesthetics.



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