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How To Operate Fiber Cutting Machine

High coherence, high strength, high directionality, fiber cutting machine has these "high" characteristics at the same time. Through this feature and the laser processing management explained next, we must know what we must pay attention to when operating the fiber cutting machine. After the laser is generated by the laser, it is transmitted by the mirror and irradiated onto the processed object through the collecting mirror, so that the processed article (surface) is subjected to strong heat energy and the temperature is sharply increased, so that the point is rapidly melted or vaporized due to the high temperature, and the laser head is matched with the laser head. Run the trajectory to achieve the purpose of processing. So how do we operate a fiber cutting machine?

1. Start the laser strictly in accordance with the laser start-up procedure and follow the safe operating procedures of the fiber cutting machine.

2. Wear protective equipment as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements in the vicinity of the laser beam.

3. Do not process it without any knowledge. It is necessary to find out whether a material can be irradiated with laser or heated before it can avoid the potential danger of smoke and vapor. Operators must be trained to familiarize themselves with the structure, performance, and knowledge of the operating system.

4. The operator shall not leave the post or the person to be in charge when the equipment is started. If it is necessary to leave, stop or cut off the power switch.

5. Keep the fire extinguisher at your fingertips; turn off the laser or shutter when not working; do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.

We know that the optical fiber cutting machine is a high-tech cutting machine that integrates environmental protection, high precision and superior quality. The damage to the human body is mainly radiation. As long as we do the protective measures, we can avoid it. Just like when we are using a mobile phone and a computer.



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