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Rapid Prototyping Technology For Computerized Laser Cutting Machine

The processing technology of sheet metal is constantly developing, and the domestic technology is also constantly improving, the gap with foreign countries is getting smaller and smaller. More well-known enterprises also constantly transferring their manufacturing industry base to China.

Computerized laser cutting machines have also given the development potential of sheet metal processing. So, what are the tips for using computerized laser cutting machines? Come and listen to the analysis of the professionals from Wuhan Perfect Laser now!

The computerized laser cutting machine adopts rapid prototyping technology. It can directly produce prototypes or parts by directly using CAD model. It integrates CAD technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, material technology and modern scientific and technological achievements, integrates all these advanced manufacturing technology. If you want to extend the life of the computerized laser cutting machine, you should master the skills.

First, the laser cutting head is a fragile item, and should be replaced when daily using.

Second, pay attention to check the straightness of the laser cutting track and the verticality of the computerized laser cutting machine for every six months. If it is not normal, it should be maintained and heightened in time. Otherwise, it will easily cause cutting error and affect the cutting quality.

Third, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust or dirt inside the machine every week, and the electrical cabinet should be dust-proof.

Fourth, always check the amount of lubricant on the guide rail or gear rack to protect the lubrication of the machine. The double-focus laser cutting head of the computerized laser cutting machine is a fragile item, so it will cause damage if used for a long time, should pay attention to this.

Finally, the computerized laser cutting machine should be well positioned during the process of the machine, so that more accurate cutting can be achieved, and get the higher quality cutting products.



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