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The Condition Of The CNC Metal Laser Cutter Processing

Fault performance:

During the processing of the cnc metal laser cutter, it suddenly resets automatically, and the machine returns to the machine origin. There are stops, leaks, and chaos in the middle. At this time, we can't panic, carefully follow the method below to eliminate the fault.

Fault reasons:

The main reason is that the control panel, the network cable connection line is loose, the motherboard, the grounding wire are unreliable, and the slight high voltage ignition fault is caused.

Method of exclusion:

1. Check the grounding condition of the cnc metal laser cutter and measure whether the ground wire meets the standard (the resistance to ground should not exceed 5 ohms). The ground wire needs to be modified to meet the relevant standards.

2. Check if the connecting network cable is loose or the control panel button is in poor contact.

3. Whether the cnc metal laser cutter is in the position or not.

4. Check if the computer has set screen saver or power save mode (such as system hibernation or power off the computer), cancel the above settings and change to "never".

5. Check if the cnc metal laser cutter software of Perfect Laser set "no output" or no setting such as engraving mode.

6. Check if the original graphics have errors, such as crosses, unclosed, missing strokes, etc., to correct errors in the graphics. At the output test.

7. If using Wentai output, check if the path calculation is normal. Re-register or install Wentai, sometimes you need to reinstall the system.

8. If the graphic output in other formats has no problem, it indicates that the graphic is wrong, and you need to re-output or re-create the graphic.

9. Check if there is any fire in the laser tube or laser power supply.

10. If the cnc metal laser cutter problem still exists, replace the motherboard and computer test.



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