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CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine In Fitness Equipment

It must be mentioned that many of the game equipment used in the Olympic Games have used laser cutting skills.

Carbon fiber composites (CFRP) are commonly used in sporting goods. Plywood, golf clubs, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, skis, ski poles, racing cars, poles, sailboats, rowing boats, surfboards, hockey sticks, gateballs Rods, softball bats, bows and arrows have their presence.

The composition of carbon fiber composites, especially the high thermal conductivity of carbon fibers, makes it difficult for traditional skills to process them. Mechanical milling and drilling can cause thermal damage, debris, delamination and tool wear. CNC laser metal cutting machines can avoid these achievements and are increasingly used in the processing of sports equipment for carbon fiber composites. In addition, the rare metal processing in the game also uses laser cutting skills.

For those who don't have time to end their outdoor sports, a well-equipped gym is the best decision. Among the fitness equipment, the use of pipes is very common, such as spinning bicycles, bicycles, sit-up boards, children's scooters, outdoor fitness equipment and other products using a large number of pipe parts.

In the fitness equipment, many joints are connected by intersecting lines. It is necessary to finish cutting and drilling the pipe. The traditional processing method is realized by band saw and drilling machine and special milling machine. This method can not be avoided. The package is elegant, and the accuracy of the package is not eliminated. It also takes up a lot of labor costs and the time cost of loading and transporting materials.

As user experience standards become higher and higher, gym investors pay more attention to product details when purchasing fitness equipment products. In the delivery of fitness equipment, the CNC laser metal cutting machine hangs to replace the traditional process, and has become a common decision of major manufacturers.

The Perfect Laser CNC laser metal cutting machine can cut the traditional or special-shaped pipe such as round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, bread pipe and D-shaped pipe. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, short product delivery cycle, etc. The CNC automatic processing method can greatly improve the delivery efficiency of fitness equipment and has become the standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.



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