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CNC Laser Cutter And Wire Cutting Process Comparison

Laser cutting: The latest mainstream laser cutting equipment is mainly fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutting machine. At present, CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick plates, and it can cut non-metallic materials. The cnc laser cutter is mainly for the cutting of sheet metal materials, the latter for thick plate cutting and non-metal cutting (there is no comparison of non-metallic materials here). The main feature of cnc laser cutter is the fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and low processing cost.

Wire cutting: Wire cutting can only cut conductive materials, which limits its application range, and requires cutting coolant during the cutting process. Therefore, some non-metallic materials such as leather are not conductive, afraid of water, and are afraid of cutting fluid contamination, cannot be cut. The advantage is that a one-time forming cut of the slab can be achieved, but the cutting edge will be rough. The current wire cutting is divided into fast wire and slow wire according to the type of wire used. The wire is made of molybdenum wire, which can be used for multiple cutting. The wire is used slowly and can only be used once. Of course, the wire is more than the molybdenum wire. It is much cheaper. Another fast-tracking device is much cheaper than slow-traveling equipment. The price of slow-traveling equipment is about five to six times the price of fast-traveling equipment.

The cnc laser cutter melts the slit of the cut material by high temperature generated by high energy density laser beam irradiation to cut. The cut metal material should not be too thick, otherwise the heat affected zone may be too large to even cut. Laser cutting applications cover a wide range of areas, and most of the metal can be cut, and is not limited by shape. The disadvantage is that only thin sheets can be cut.

The wire is cut with molybdenum wire, which is energized to produce a high temperature cut material to be cut, usually used as a mold. The heat affected zone is relatively uniform and small. It can realize the cutting of thick plates, but the cutting speed is slow, only the conductive material can be cut, and the application surface is small. Because there are consumables, the processing cost is higher than that of cnc laser cutter.

The two have their own advantages and can basically complement each other. However, as the demand for industrialization develops, the processing enterprises are increasingly demanding for large-scale production, which means that the higher the efficiency of work, the higher the speed of metal cutting, The high-quality, low-cost cnc laser cutter process is more suitable for modern production needs, and wire cutting is gradually losing its competitiveness in the market.



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