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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Determines The Characteristics Of Trimming Line

Fiber laser cutting machine as its third generation cnc fiber laser cutting machine definitely has its own advantages. In general., it is a technological advancement, a great convergence of advantages.

The detailed description of the method of determining the trimming line by the cnc fiber laser cutting machine:Thoroughly imitate the practice of mold production, no need for manual correction, fast speed, short cycle and good cutting quality.

The program programmed by the cnc fiber laser cutting machine no longer retains the amount of manual correction, but is a three-dimensional processing program completely in common with the theoretical trimming line, which is directly used for cutting goods.

It ensures that the cutting process is always in common with the practice of trimming, without the absence of a two-dimensional line. There is no technical interference in the whole cutting process, and it is ensured from the source that the products obtained by each processing are shared with the digital model, thereby reducing the trimming line which is required to be explored several times to only three to four times.

Wire cutting has higher precision when it comes to metal processing, and can cut thick plates. However, its shortcoming is that it is very slow, and sometimes it needs to be additionally perforated and threaded to cut it. And the cutting scale is also greatly limited. Laser cutting can punch and cut data, and the cutting speed is very fast. The scale of processing scale is much larger than that of wire cutting.

Laser cutting is now widely used in metalworking professions. The laser cutting speed is fast and the precision is high. It has a certain advantage for the cutting of medium and thin plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel and other metal plates. This is also a factor that cnc fiber laser cutting machines cannot be replaced. Trust continues to increase the need for laser-cutting products, and the opportunities for fiber laser cutting are becoming more common.

There are many differences between the cnc fiber laser cutting machine and other cutting machines in the cutting method. For the cutting of some metal parts, we can adopt the punching and shearing method. This is efficient, fast, and low in cost. However, specific molds and tools are required to cut, and only the thinnest plate can be punched and cut. Compared with the cutting method, the laser cutting of the cnc fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of good flexibility and can be used for cutting the workpiece of any shape at any time. Punching technology will be difficult or impossible to complete and therefore not widely used.

Flame cutting is also one of the commonly used cutting techniques in the metal category. The thickness of the cut is also very large. However, compared with laser cutting, the quality and accuracy of the cut surface is relatively poor. It can be used for thick plates and processing scales larger than laser cutting, so the cnc fiber laser cutting machine is still usually used for contrast precision.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine overcomes the limitations of other machines because of the advantages of combining large machines. There is no doubt that it should be the current trend and the mainstream choice for the future manufacturing industry. In the days to come, cnc fiber laser cutting machines will definitely shine. Perfect Laser believes that its position and superiority cannot be shaken for a long period of time.



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