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Cheap Laser Cutting Machine Processing Alloy Sheet Defects

Everything has two sides, Perfect things seem to exist only in fictional fantasy. Sheet metal processing machines are now recognized as laser cutting machines, They complement each other and develop rapidly. Similarly, laser cutting machines also have some defects when processing sheet metal. Next, Perfect Laser will describe its advantages and disadvantages for everyone, so that everyone can know more about it.

1. Large cutting force. The strength of high-temperature alloys is higher than that of ordinary alloy steel materials.

2. Large work hardening tendency. Work hardening has a large effect on the life of the oxidized tip tap and often results in severe boundary wear.

3. Poor thermal conductivity of materials. Under the action of high temperature and large cutting force, it will cause plastic deformation, bonding and diffusion wear of the cutting edge.

However, with the emergence of the third generation of fiber laser cutting machine, these shortcomings seem to have been solved. Of course, that sentence is not absolutely perfect, only perfect. There is no doubt that high-power fiber laser cutting machines are very suitable for cutting and processing alloy sheets today.



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