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3000w Metal Sheet Fiber Optic Laser Steel Cutter

Model: PE-F3000-3015


Perfect Laser has been in the frontline position in the laser equipment industry for over 20 years now and has always adhered to the strategy of giving priority attention to technology.

The 3000w sheet metal laser cutter uses an integrated gantry mechanism for high precision cutting and full stability. At the same time, the sheet metal laser cutter is equipped with high-response Japanese made Panasonic service motor and driving system, which is suitable for fast and high precision metal cutting. The overall cutting efficiency of the sheet metal laser cutter has greatly improved.

Product Features

1. This sheet metal laser cutter adopts a stabilized machine structure, the cutting seam is flat and beautiful, and the cutting effect of the sheet metal laser cutter is good.

2. The sheet metal laser cutter is equipped with high-precision transmission components to achieve high-precision machining of workpieces.

3. The sheet metal laser cutter has an excellent dynamic and stabilized performance, which can guarantee that the sheet metal laser cutter will work for a long time.

4. High cutting precision and good running stability, which can fully meet the sheet metal laser cutter ’s cutting standard for precision parts.

5. The operation interface of the sheet metal laser cutter is user friendly. The interaction is very strong, which can achieve convenience in operation.

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The sheet metal laser cutter is widely used in the cutting of iron plate, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, copper and brass and other metal materials.

The sheet metal laser cutter is widely suitable for cutting metal sheet, advertising, lighting and hardware industries.

Technical Data

Product Name

Sheet Metal Laser Cutter



Laser Power

3000w Fiber Laser

Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Technology

Germany Technology

Laser Source

World Famous Fiber Laser Source (Raycus / Max / IPG)

Working Area


X axis Stroke


Y axis Stroke


Z axis Stroke


Max. Cutting Speed

0-50 Meters / Min (up to materials)

Max. Cutting Thickness

22mm Carbon Steel, 12mm stainless steel

6mm brass / copper, 10mm aluminum

Transmission Method

Ball Screw Transmission

Table-driven system

Japanese Import Panasonic Servo Motor & Driving System

Focus Method

Dynamic Auto-Focusing System

Control Method

Offline Movement Control

Location Precision


Re-location Precision


Max. Moving Speed


Supporting Format


Power Demand

380V / 50Hz

Worktable Max. Load

1000 Kgs

Control software

Perfect Laser Professional Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Software


2 Years Guarantee for Fiber Laser Source

12 Month Guarantee for Sheet Metal Laser Cutter


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