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500w Low Cost Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Adverting Industry

Model: PE-F500-1325


The Perfect Laser low cost laser cutting machine is specially designed for the advertising industry: easy to cut thin metal sheets such as signage, logos and crafts, font and pattern. It is suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy and many other metal sheets.

This computerized laser cutting machine is a advisably investment: finished advertising words and logos are smooth and neat, and the appearance is nice.

Product Features

1. The computerized laser cutting machine with gantry mobile structure is stable and impressive: we guarantee that the machine bed will not deform for 20 years.

2. The low cost laser cutting machine can process large sizes, and large-scale metal processing is easy.

3. The fiber laser of the computerized laser cutting machine adopts German technology and runs stably to ensure the precision and efficiency of processing.

4. The low cost laser cutting machine is widely used, easy to operate, and has a strong practicality.

5. The computerized laser cutting machine support G code, PLT code and Engraving (ENG) formats, generated by various CAD/CAM software such as UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, Corel Draw.

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1.This low cost laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin metal sheets for the advertising industry, such as thin stainless steel, iron plate, copper, and aluminum alloy sheets.

2.This low cost laser cutting machine is widely used in the advertising or decoration industries. Common uses are the cutting of metal characters, signs, logos, and metal lampshades, decorations and crafts.

Technical Data

Machine Name

Low Cost Laser Cutting Machine



Laser Power

500 /1000 Watts

Cutting Size

2500mm × 1300mm x 100mm (X/Y/Z)

Fiber Laser Source

MAX (Made in China)

Max. Cutting Thickness

5-6mm carbon steel

2-3mm stainless steel

Max. Cutting Speed

40 meter /min

Max. Idle Speed

60 meter /min

Max. Idle Acceleration


X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Rated Voltage and Frequency

220V / 50Hz / 2 phase

Laser Cutting Head

Shanghai NcStudio

Guide Rail

High Precision Square Guide Rail

Workbench Max. Load

850 Kgs

XY-axis Rack and Pinion (dual drive)

1.25 fine silver rack (3 sets)

Equipment Weight

2000 Kgs

Motor and Drive

XY axisJMC hybrid servo (3 sets)

Z axisJMC AC servo (1 set)

Cooling Method

Water Cooling, adopt HK-500 Water Chiller

Control System



2 Years Guarantee for Fiber Laser Source

12 Month Guarantee for low cost laser cutting machine


Perfect Laser Will Offer VCD Training Video for Easy Learning

Engineer Overseas Installation & Training is also Available



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