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Perfect Laser Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer for fiber laser cutting machine.

We are located at “Optics Valley” Hubei, China. In 1995, we started focusing on the development and production of various types of laser cutting machinery.

Perfect Laser Honors include

“The Most Famous Brand in Hubei Province”

“Director of Hubei E-commerce Traders Association”

“The most excellent enterprise of Hubei Laser Manufacturers Association”.

Member of “Hi-tech Enterprises in Hubei Province”

“The most excellent member of CCPIT”

Perfect Laser manufacturing company will continue to embrace and create a better future with our products.

Perfect Laser’s fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, and many other metals. Our fiber laser cutting machine works with a speed up to 20 meters / minute, cutting accuracy is up to 0.01mm, and a cutting area between1.5 to 6.0 meters.

Perfect Laser mainly supplies 300, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000watts fiber laser cutting machines. We adopt the technology of world-famous fiber laser source such as USA-IPG, Raycus, Max Phoenix, JPT, N-Light, etc. We can also equip our machines with exchangeable moving tables to save processing time. The full protective cover model is also available.

We also have different models for cutting round pipe, square and rectangle metal pipe. Our complete series of laser cutting machines can satisfy all your needs.


European CE Certificate

USA FDA Certificate

German TUV Certification

SGS Authorized Certification

ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate

Utility Model Product Patent Certification

Member of National Planning And Layout Key Software Companies

Member of China Optics Valley High-Tech Enterprises

Member of Association Of Hubei Software Industry

A Team of Talented Professionals

Perfect Laser has put together the most talented team and professionals, with the high-quality of modern and innovative technology.From software development to hardware design, system testing, and technical services, everything is done by our team professional technicians.

We have worked closely with a lot of domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and have applied for more than 63 national patent rights. A number of our core technical achievements and technical indicators are at the level of international advancement.

"Innovative Technology for Global Service" Perfect Laser is constantly innovating and advancing new ideas with full enthusiasm. We are also interpreting and putting these concepts into action.

Strict Testing Of Machine

To ensure stability in the working condition for our fiber laser cutting machines, Perfect Laser uses the most advanced production and testing equipment to check and monitor the performance of our fiber laser cutting machines in each stage of the production process.

When the production process of each machine is completed, we will carry out 48 hours uninterrupted running test and 72 hours aging test to ensure that we deliver a machine of perfect quality. It is packaged as a surprise gift for you.

Cost control

Perfect Laser has always strived to provide its customers with affordable, high-quality laser cutting equipment. In order to realize the advantages of global purchasing and the full benefits of quality and cost that comes with it, we source a variety of the key components of our machines from Germany and The United States and manufacture them in China.

Perfect Laser offers the highest quality of supply chain and component manufacturing in China. For more than 20 years, we have usedquality and innovative records to prove the stability of the performance of our machine.

Exported Countries

Perfect Laser is exported to more than 180 countries and regions around the world, the products are widely welcomed and praised by users.

Perfect Laser Exhibitions

We attend a lot of exhibitions annually to showcase our machines to our numerous customers and guide them through a physical examination and a deeper understanding of the fiber laser cutting technology.

Worldwide Customers

Perfect Laser adheres to market-oriented policies that constantly meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to technological production and proper product marketing strategy, a perfect combination of innovative technology and excellent products delivery that provides customers with good technical services and good value for money spent on products.

Excellent After-sales Service

Our support team offers 24 hours technology support and after-sales service, and constant software update. All investment comes with a lifetime benefits.

Perfect Laser’s Goal

It is our goal at Perfect Laser to a build the first brand of fiber laser cutting machine industry with integrity in service delivery.


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