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100w 150w 300w Mixed Co2 Laser Cutter For Metal And Nonmetal Materials Cutting

Model: PEDK-13090M


Mix Cutting Co2 laser cutter is a new super technology, mainly used to cut both metal and non-metal materials.

The cutting thickness can reach 1-2mm for stainless steel, 1-3mm for carbon steel, 1-28mm for acrylic and PVC, 1-15mm for wood, and 10mm for MDF.

It’s also a wonderful choice for user that have demand to cut thin metal material and thick non-metal materials.

One cnc laser machine can fulfill all your demands and requirements. There is no need to buy 2 machines (one co2 laser engraver and one fiber laser cutting machine). Saving much cost.

This cnc laser cutter has low investment, low operating and maintenance costs. It allows customers spending less money to achieve a wider range of material processing.

Product Features

1. This co2 laser machine design is beautiful and durable. It’s compact and greatly saves a lot of space.

2. The laser beam is stable, the laser spot is average, and the cutting effect of the co2 laser machine is good. It gives precise cutting with no focal edges and no yellow edges.

3. High-quality linear guide rail transmission is stable; the co2 laser machine is suitable for high-speed engraving and cutting.

4. The co2 laser cutter adopts a high-performance imported optical lens with good stability.

5. This co2 laser machine adopts a strip working table, it is suitable for hard materials cutting, such as: wood, acrylic, plastic, PVC board, etc.

6. The co2 laser cutter supports AI, PLT, BMP, JPG, DXF, DST multiple formats, seamlessly compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCad, Photoshop and many other graphic, it is easy to operate.

7. The co2 laser cutter uses the USB port to transfer data, and is equipped with in-built large-capacity memory to increase work speed and efficiency.

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Materials can be engraved:

Acrylic, wood, MDF, plastic, bamboo, rubber, PVC board, etc.

Materials can be cut:

1-2mm stainless steel, 1-3mm carbon steel, 1-30mm acrylic, plastic, rubber, PVC,1-15mm wood, MDF, plywood, bamboo, foam, EVA, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

CNC Laser Cutter




Working Area



Laser Power


180w / 260w / 300w

Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, 10.6um

Transmission Method

Belt Transmission

Driving System

High-precision 3-phase “LEADSHINE” Step Motor and Driving System

Working Table

Thicken Strip Working Table

Cooling Type

Water Cooling

150w-180w Machine use CW-5000

260w-300w Machine use CW-6000

Laser Output Control

(0-100% Set by Software )

Smallest Character Engraving

Chinese: 2.0mmx2.0mm, English Letter: 1.0mmx1.0mm

Highest Scanning Precision


Positioning Accuracy


Positioning Speed


Max. Cutting Thickness


Max. Cutting Speed


Controlling Software

Off-computer Controlling System

Graphic Format Supported

BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, and AI, etc

Compatible Software

CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, All type of AutoCAD software

Auxiliary Equipment

Exhaust Fan and Air Exhaust Pipe

Working Voltage

AC110-220V ±10%/10A,50-60HZ




Standard Plywood Case Comply with Export Standard

Control Software

Perfect Laser Professional Mixed Laser Cutting Machine Software


12 month guarantee for whole machine

10 month guarantee for laser tube


VCD Training Video for Easy Learning

Engineer Overseas Installation & Training is Available




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